This beautiful, massive leg of lamb from Ottomanelli & Sons was a great motivation for inviting more people over on Christmas Eve. We quickly grew from a party of three to eight, and what a merry night it turned out to be!

Not pictured, but Alex spent the entire day making Polish dishes using recipes dictated over the phone by her grandmother: braised cabbage, borscht, and pork croquettes (a long involved process of boiling, pan-frying, grinding, crepe-making, wrapping, and frying again).

As for the lamb, I studded the flesh with garlic and anchovies the night before, and rubbed it all over with salt, olive oil, lemon juice, and chopped rosemary. It turned out incredibly moist and flavorful—another one for my growing repertoire of roasted meats. And of course we kept the bone, to be used in a future batch of congee.